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El perdón

El perdón es una decisión, no un sentimiento, porque cuando perdonamos no sentimos más la ofensa, no sentimos más rencor. Perdona, que perdonando tendrás en paz tu alma y la tendrá el que te ofendió.
Madre Teresa de Calcuta

Palabras referentes al amor

El amor no puede permanecer en sí mismo. No tiene sentido. El amor tiene que ponerse en acción. Esa actividad nos llevará al servicio.
Madre Teresa de Calcuta

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Finding Neverland

Wednesday, April 01, 2009 Autor: Jim 8 Comentarios

The problem of illegal immigrants reaching Malta from Libya could be resolved come May 15 if a declaration made by Italian Home Affairs Minister Roberto Maroni comes to fruition.

Mr Maroni said leaving Libya would become extremely hard come May 15, when the agreement on joint patrols by Italian and Libyan personnel of the Libyan 2,000-kilometre coastline enters into force.
ifo from there

...Finding Neverland The land of plenty escaping a reality so dark ending up dead...

In this photo taken Sunday March 29, 2009 and made available Tussday March 31, 2009 , retrieved bodies of drowned migrants are seen on board a vessel that took part in the rescue operation, after arriving at the port of Tripoli, Libya. Vessels carrying hundreds of migrants capsized off the coast of Libya in separate incidents over the last two days and more than 300 people were believed to have drowned, an international migration group said Tuesday. (AP Photo) (AP / March 29, 2009)
TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — An international migration official says more than 200 people are believed dead as more bodies washed ashore in Libya after their overcrowded boat with illegal migrants capsized in stormy Mediterranean waters during it's attempt to reach Italian islands .

Laurence Hart, an official with the International Organization for Migration in Libya, says
authorities have stopped rescue efforts since chances of finding more survivors are slim.
Hart says several more bodies washed ashore Tuesday night near the ancient port city of Sebrata, some 50 miles, or 80 kilometers, west of the capital, Tripoli.
The migrants were packed on a wooden fishing boat that capsized Friday off Libya. Only a few survivors were rescued, and 21 bodies were pulled from the sea.

info from here

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Autor: Jim 3 Comentarios

Learning French was always a treat for me , yes i've been studying it since 4th elementary school but ever since i graduated from school my French skills gradually faded as i lacked practice , but i am now taking ( Francais 101 ) course hoping to regain what was lost , and who knows i may master it someday soon .

...Become Not only a student but also a teacher and make some friends in the way ...

and i was lucky enough to find ( ) while i was surfing the internt , it's site that will help you learn many languages including French of course and what really makes this site so special is that you can learn and make friends in the same time , as you'll be able to contact with native speakers who'll help you through the journey and become your teachers , you yourself can be a teacher too and help others to learn your language so everybody's actually a student and a teacher in the same time , it's a great idea and a great site , one that i will gladly recommend .


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a discovery

Monday, March 30, 2009 Autor: Jim 0 Comentarios

discover yourself , i just did

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test


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Scared NO more !

Monday, March 30, 2009 Autor: Jim 1 Response

Iam celebrating today my 1st horror movies- free year
I've so carefully avoided watching any horror / scary movies for as long as 365 days , can you believe it ! well actually i hated them for as long as i can remember .. never got to see the amusement of me being scared just for fun .

...Finally i am Free I say NO for horror movies i hate them...

and you gotta admit it .. these guys are getting awfully good , no more goof scares that comes when you're ready for . they catch you off guard all the time now , and it's no good for me .
but i watched tons of scary movies in the past , mainly because i am a sucker for movies , and because all my friends seem to love them .
and they've had it coming , one day i just told them that I've had enough , i just can't take no more scary movies .. which were in my eyes just an unnecessary self torturing time .
and the last horror film i watched was .. Texas chainsaw massacre ( the beginning ) i saw it on DVD .
well .. if you hate horror movies like i do , and if you have friends that like watching them and keep dragging you along to torture you .. well it's time to say NO ..
it's time to stop at the box office and tell them .. OK guys .. you go watch the scary movie and i will go watch another one .... thank God we have big malls where they have multiple screens


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